Our Beef

We offers a full range of fresh selected choice AA / AAA beef products. 

Our selections include:

Chuck, Brisket, Eyeround, Flank, Grinds, Knuckles, Striploins, Tender Loins, Top Butts, Rib B/I(Bone In), Boneless Ribeye, Rib Short Rib, Inside Rounds, Outside Rounds, Trim, Tendons, Feet, Oxtail Steer, Loin Flapmeat, Hearts, Tripe, Liver, Rib Short Rib, Ball Tips, Tri Tips.

Our Pork

We offer a full range of fresh choice pork products. 

Our selections include:

Belly,  Picnic,  Butts,  Hock,  Feet,  Lacones,  Head Meat,  Cheek Meat,  Loins Bone In,  Loins Boneless,  Tender Loin,  Back Ribs,  Side Ribs,  Buckeye (Sirloins),  Ham,  Variety,   Value Added.

Our Chicken

We offer a full range of chilled and frozen chicken products from high quality poultry producers. 

Our selections include:

Breast,  Back,  Wings,  Thigh,  Leg,  Whole Chickens, Whole Legs, Paws and Gizzards.
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